Adult Day Health Program

Manawa Lea's Adult Day Health Program is designed to address the self care and community intergration needs of consumers with moderate, severe, and profound developmental disabilities and/or significantly chronic medial conditions.

It is our philosophy that all persons have the right and should be afforded the opportunity to live, work, make individual choices, and enjoy leisure activities with dignity and in as normalized a setting as possible.

Emphasis is directed towards providing each consumer with adequate skills to continue living in the least restrictive environment.


Basic Services:

The Individualized Plan (IP) addresses the self care and community integration needs as determined by each Individual Service Plan (ISP) using small group instruction and 1:1 training in accordance with the consumer's needs.

Emphasis is directed toward providing each consumer with adequated skills to continue living in the least restrictive environment. IP components from which ISP goals are drawn may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Self Advocacy
  • Communication
  • Community Integration
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Socialization
  • Recreation and Leisure skills
  • Sensory Motor Skills
  • Health related services are provided (either through basic services or contractual arrangements) for persons requiring these services as determined by the consumers support team and in accordance with the Individual Service Plan.


Regular Attendance based on the consumer's budget is encouraged. In the event that the consumer is unable to attend a regularly scheduled program day, please call us 24 hours advance or as soon as possible to inform us of the reason.


Transportation Arrangements :

Transportation to and from the program site is provided by Manawa Lea. Transportation cancellations must be done by home personnel in a timely manner.



Meal Arrangements:

Daily lunch is provided to the consumer daily by Manawa Lea. If he or she chooses to bring home lunch, he or she willbe reimbursed $3.50 per meal.


Communication Documentation:

Daily communication between Manawa Lea ADH staff and caregivers are essential to tthe team's support of the consumer and is highly encouraged.


Daily Essentials:

Please assure that the consumer is well prepared for the program day by assisting him or her to check that the following items are brought in on a daily basis.

  • Backpack or other medium sized bag to hold all personal belongings
  • Extra set of clean clothing
  • Grooming essentials (hairbrush, makeup, perfume, etc.)
  • Any necessary aids such as walkers, augmentative communication devices, splints, AFO's, etc.
  • Communication Book
  • Home Lunch (MLHSADH will reimburse)
  • Incontinent supplies will be provided by Primary Caregiver

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